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  • Precise guidance of a fluid dispensing nozzle under CNC control for continuous application of intricate, small cross-section gaskets directly onto component or substrate contours.

  • Thermal interface materials available in wide range of materials and thicknesses according to required thermal conductivity and voltage breakdown. Available as sheets or die cut parts. Pressure sensitive adhesive an option.

  • Future generation compliant cooling materials and the softest and highest thermally conductive gap fillers available ranging from 0.20 mm to 5.08mm.

  • Thermal phase change materials completely fill interfacial air gaps and voids and displace entrapped air between power dissipating electronic components. Designed to maximize heatsink performance and improve component reliability.

  • Thermally and electrically conductive materials for usewhere electrical isolation is not required. Conforms exactly to surfaces, maximizing heat transfer.

  • Ideal for development production capable of up to 100 off runs, the 3D printed parts can be made in a range of polymers including ABS and polypropylene, as well as specialist conductive plastics.  Added EMI shielding protection can also be applied in the form of our anti static/conductive or shielding paints.

  • Thermally conductive silicone materials are cost effective thermal interface materials that offer a good level of environmental sealing. Thermally and electrically conductive silicone can be used where electrical isolation is not required.

  • When high temperature resistance is required, Silicon resin bonded mica might be the solution for you. Mica also has exceptional physical characteristics.
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