Thermally conductive electrically insulating interface materials produced from glassfibre supported silicone elastomer with ceramic oxide fillers, Thickness range 0.18mm to 0.5mm, Thermal conductivity 0.8 to 5 WmK, Voltage breakdown 1kV to >6kV, Electrically conductive graphite pads, Thickness 0.2mm, Thermal conductivity 3.8WmK

All available as sheets or die cut parts. Pressure sensitive adhesive an option.

 Typical Applications

  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Audio amplifiers
  • Automotive
  • Power generators
  • UPS

 Features and Benefits

  • Thermal impedance range from 0.13 – 0.6°C-in /watt at 50 psi
  • High dielectric strength of >6,000 volts AC
  • Resistant to tears and cut through
  • UL recognized materials File No. E180840

Thermal Materials

See the specifications of the materials we offer are below.

Warth Materials

Thickness mm0.3810.2000.230.1770.2280.2290.2290.071
Breakdown Voltage 50Hz rms40001000450035004500550045004500
Approx Thermal Resistance (T0-3 Transistor) oC/W0.20.280.350.450.500.450.350.45
Thermal Conductivity Wm−1K−13.361.31.070.790.790.801.050.25
Hardness Shore Micro8580808080909090
Tear Resistance kN/m505075505012525095
Tensile Strength MPa1020301616355569
Dielectric Constant 1000Hz3.
Elongation %3030353030203544
Continuous Use Temp. oC-60 to +180-60 to +180-60 to +180-60 to +180-60 to +180-20 to +150-20 to +150-60 to +180
ColourWhiteLight GreenPinkGreyGreyLilacYellowYellow

K381 – Ultra high performance silicone elastomer loaded with Boron Nitride. Suitable for military or commercial high power applications. Meets UL 94V-0
K200 – Constructed with coated glass fibre with a specially loaded silicone compound. Conforms to UL 94V-0
K230 – Silicone rubber compound coated onto a layer of glassfibre with highly thermally conductive filler. Suitable for military and Aerospace industries. Conforms to UL 94V-0
K177 and K228 – Silicone rubber compound coated onto a layer of glassfibre. Suitable for military and Aerospace industries. Conforms to UL 94V-0
PK17 and PK23 – Polyester coated Glassfibre Thermally conductive Insulators. Suitable for applications where silicone would cause contamination problems. Conforms to UL 94V-0
KK071 – A combination on Kapton MT and a synthetic resin adhesive on one side. Conforms to UL 94V-0

Laird Tgard Materials

MaterialTgard 210Tgard 220Tgard 230Tgard 20Tgard 300Tgard 400
Thickness mm0.250.510.760.0760.230.23
Breakdown Voltage VAC60001000020000900060005500
Thermal Impedance @100psi oC-cm2/W1.
Thermal Conductivity W/mK555---
Hardness Shore A858080-7590
Dielectric Constant 1000Hz3.323.323.321.83.33.3
Continuous Use Temp. oC-60 to +200-60 to +200-60 to +200-40 to +150-60 to +180-60 to +180
UL Flammability Rating94 V094 V1-94 V094 V094 V0
MaterialTgard 500Tgard 3000Tgard 5000Tgard
Tgard K52-1Tgard K52-2Tgard K52-3
Thickness mm0.230.130.1270.1270.0510.0760.1
Breakdown Voltage VAC6000600060006000420078009000
Thermal Impedance @100psi oC-cm2/W2.132.832.061.940.841.421.94
Thermal Conductivity W/mK-------
Hardness Shore A808075----
Dielectric Constant 1000Hz3.
Continuous Use Temp. oC-60 to +180-60 to +180-60 to +180--60 to +150-60 to +150-60 to +150
ColourBrownBrownTanBrownLight AmberLight AmberLight Amber
UL Flammability Rating94 V094 V094 V094 V0 Pending---

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