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Quality & Reliability.

Shielding Solutions are accredited to ISO 9001:2015 and with our products being produced at our manufacturing facility and UK headquarters near Braintree in Essex along with our in-house design, development, engineering and manufacturing capability means that we can maintain control over the entire production process to ensure the highest levels of quality and reliability.


Shielding Solutions Ltd | EMI Shielding | Environmental Shielding | Thermal Shielding

We Pride Ourselves on Excellence in Customer Service.

At Shielding Solutions we pride ourselves on a reliable, fast and efficient service, concentrating on our customers’ needs and delivery requirements as well as providing quality EMI Shielding, environmental and thermal shielding products.




EMI Shielding, Environmental & Thermal Shielding Products

What we offer

  • Outstanding Service

    From enquiry to delivery we recognise the importance of providing prompt responses and on time delivery. We will always endeavour to react quickly to urgent requirements that may arise in your business.

  • Best Advice

    The most appropriate selection of materials or components for your application with due regard to cost and performance. We also have a wide-ranging knowledge of products and specifications (both historical and current) in the market place enabling us to recommend lower cost equivalents or offer equivalents for discontinued materials / parts or those that are difficult to obtain

  • Customised Solutions

    Combinations of material and process technologies to create a unique shielding ‘package’. Improving the level of shielding in standard electronic products or devices. For example we can significantly improve the performance of devices such as microwave amplifiers, filters, circulators etc.

  • Design and Development

    Guidance with best shielding design principles, supported by our fast prototyping service. If involved early on in your product design it is possible to ensure that the most appropriate materials are specified for your application. Overall this will save you both money and time by shortening the design cycle and minimising the cost of shielding that is used.

  • Subassembly, Design and Fabrication

    We can provide ready to fit subassemblies that incorporate EMI shielding and environmental seals, particularly those that incorporate components fitted with conductive adhesives or form-in-place gaskets.

  • EMC Compliance Testing

    The testing of your product. This can range from advice and assistance with design, effecting modifications and incorporating various shielding components, through to our involvement in the entire approval process.

  • Form-in-place Gasket Dispensing

    We have ‘state of the art’ equipment coupled with the necessary expertise in programming and material formulation that allows us to apply EMI shielding and environmental gaskets directly to plastic or metal parts. This also enables rapid turnaround form-in-place samples and shielding prototyping work.

  • Conductive Painting

    We have the facilities to produce small volume, high quality conductive painting. We spray the paint directly on to primed or treated metallic or plastic parts either on its own or in conjunction with another of our products to offer you a complete solution.

  • Single Sourcing

    We will project manage associated products, processes and test requirements to provide a ‘One Stop’ service.