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Welcome to Shielding Solutions

Shielding Solutions are a UK based company that specialises in the manufacture and supply of EMI, environmental and thermal shielding materials, gaskets and components. Shielding Solutions are dedicated to serving the present day needs of the electronics industry. We have many years experience in the design, manufacture and application of components and materials for EMI, environmental and thermal shielding.

For more than 30 years we have been successfully involved in many automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, military and commercial projects. This track record enables us to offer a first class service in terms of the advice, product selection and manufacturing expertise.

We have the engineering experience and materials knowledge that enables us to provide innovative solutions to shielding problems. We welcome the opportunity to work with designers and engineers, further supported by our ability to prototype assemblies incorporating one or more shielding techniques.

We specialise in the formulation of conductive elastomers and their precision application onto components as extruded, die cut, form in place gaskets (FIPG). Similarly, we formulate and produce our own range of conductive adhesives and caulking compounds. All our products are available in bulk or small quantities, with fast lead times.

Our UK based production facility includes an advanced form in place gasket dispensing process that enables us to efficiently apply conductive EMI shielding gaskets and environmental seals, directly onto enclosures, mouldings, covers etc. This process can be applied to single components, through sample and low volume batch production and on to high volume or mass production, ensuring the products are manufactured to the same high quality standard throughout.

With origins arising from the acquisition and closure of RFI Shielding Ltd, now owned by Shielding Solutions Ltd, we are happy to assist with the identification and supply of all products including Xyshield, Multishield, Supershield, Bondshield, Monoshield and Weaveshield from that company.

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