Bondshield electrically conductive silver loaded epoxy adhesives provide conductive, high strength, permanent metal to metal bonds. They are ideally suited to the assembly of or prototyping of metallic enclosures avoiding the use of fasteners, welding or expensive machining operations

At present there are two standard conductive adhesives available in this range. Both are silver loaded materials, in one or two part epoxies. Other variants based on silver plated fillers and nickel graphite will be available shortly

ECA-SE002 is our equivalent to the now obsolete CA722

Key properties and benefits:

  1. Very high bond strength
  2. Room temperature cure
  3. Compatible with most common substrates – non tarnishing / discolouring
  4. Excellent resistance to ageing
  5. Wide service temperature range – retains strength and conductivity at extremes of temperature
  6. Stable – low bond (joint) resistance through temperature cycling
  7. Good gap filling properties – can be used to form fillet joints


  1. Structural adhesive – can be used to permanently bond metal assemblies, enclosures etc
  2. Anti-tamper bonding of critical assemblies
  3. Electrical connection of components avoiding the used of mechanical fixings
  4. EMI shielding with environmental sealing (IP68 possible)
  5. ESD control/grounding

We can also offer the following materials:

Two part flexible conductive epoxies that are capable of operating at over 200°C

Single part heat cure conductive epoxy is available on request. This has similar properties to the two part material described above but requires that the assembly is heated to +100°C in order to initiate cure.

We recommend Electromagnetic Testing Services Ltd to test EMI shielding products in your application.

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