All our electrically conductive caulks, sealants, pastes and compounds are formulated, manufactured and tested ‘in-house’ to create a fast and efficient turn around and to ensure a high quality product for our customers.

General description

Conductive caulks are electrically conductive composite materials generally comprising of silicone elastomer and conductive particles.  They are designed to be easily applied to panel joints / seams and or the small clearances that result from non-continuous mechanical fixing in sheet metal enclosures. On application they cure at room temperature to form a highly conductive elastomeric section / joint that has good adhesion to most commonly used metals / substrates. When fully cured they help prevent water ingress and improve the EMI shielding performance of panel joints / overlaps.

Conductive caulks have excellent high temperature resistance and long-term ageing characteristics. The fillers used in these materials provide a reliable low impedance connection between suitably prepared metallic surfaces. The different fillers we can use help to ensure good galvanic compatibility with different alloys in wet or humid environments

Features and Benefits

  • One component
  • Easy to use, no weighing or mixing required.
  • Fillers available to suit your application.
  • Excellent conductivity 0.010 ohm-cm
  • Moisture cure silicone
  • 30 minute working life, rapid skin formation, 24 hr handling time, requires no pressure during curing, wide range of application temperatures. 1 week for full cure
  • Non corrosive cure mechanism
  • No corrosive by-products generated during curing to damage substrate
  • Medium paste
  • Easy to dispense, apply and spread, can be used on overhead or vertical surfaces
  • Minimal shrinkage, no permits or ventilation required.

The main types of caulking currently available are:-

ECC-SAS001 Silver plated aluminium filled caulk (good galvanic compatibility with aluminium alloy components)

ECC-SCS001 Silver plated copper filled caulk (high temperature resistant version)

ECC-SCS002 Silver plated copper filled caulk (low force deflection version suitable for thin wall mouldings)

ECC-NCS001 Nickel plated carbon filled caulk (high temperature resistance and long-term ageing characteristics)

We recommend Electromagnetic Testing Services Ltd to test EMI shielding products in your application.

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