Torstran™ is a new range of carbon nanotube sheet (CNT) materials and fibres that have been developed by Tortec and supported by research conducted at Cambridge University Engineering Department. These materials are manufactured using an innovative gas plasma process that forms a unique 3D array of interconnected carbon nanotubes.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent EMI shielding and electrical conductivity – up to 120dB attenuation at frequencies between 25GHz and 100GHz
  • Low density/light weight – sheet material weighing as little as 20g/m2 provides shielding performance comparable with high conductivity metal foils
  • Extremely wide operating temperature range of -273oC to +400oC
  • High purity with negligible out-gassing contains no polymeric or volatile additive content making it suitable for aerospace and satellite applications
  • The unique combination of high conductivity, flexibility and conformability nature of this material make it ideally suited to applications such as cable shielding.
  • Easily folded, laminated and bonded to line non-metallic enclosures or fabricated to form PCB shields
  • May be incorporated into composite structures to create strong lightweight enclosures with high  shielding performance
  • Can be used as an EMI gasket/conductive shim to improve performance of shielded enclosures or systems – ideally suited to applications such as waveguide flange gaskets.


  • Shielding Composite Structures
  • Satellite/Aerospace applications
  • Waveguide Gaskets
  • Radar Systems
  • 5G Infrastructure
  • Cable Shielding

Torstran CNT materials are available in sheet, ribbon and fibre forms. It can also be supplied as custom pre-cut shapes.


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