Gas Permeable PDMS Membranes are thin silicone or polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) membrane products which can be used as a barrier to liquid and permeable path for various gaseous elements and compounds.

We supply these silicone membranes in sheets or rolls from as thin as 0.075mm (0.003″) to 1mm (0.040″) thick. Sheets are 300mm (12″) square.

This material can be modified to produce thin film parts, or combines with many other materials to produce composite materials specific to your requirements.


Technical Information

Property Typical Value
Hardness 50 Shore A
Tensile Elongation 8.9 MPa
Elongation 570% (400 min)
Density 1.12-1.16
Tear Die B 35 kNm-1
Colour Translucent
Gas Permeability Rates* Applications Membrane Thickness
Oxygen 50 Gas Analysis 0.125mm(0.005″) 0.15mm(0.006″)
Carbon Dioxide 270 Gas Detection 0.15mm(0.006″) 0.2mm(0.008″)
Nitrogen 25 Gas Enrichment 0.25mm(0.010″) 0.3mm(0.012″)
Hydrogen 55 Gas Separation 0.35mm(0.014″) 0.43mm(0.017″)
Cell Growth support 0.6mm(0.024″) 1.0mm(0.040″)
*In barrers 10-9 (cc gas(RTP)cm)/(sec cm2 cmHg ΔP)


Custom thicknesses are available on request. (MOQ applies)

Please contact us for if you require further information or if you have a specific requirement.
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