Silicone grease lubricating compounds are commonly used for electrically insulating applications and for lubrication of metal and plastic parts.

Shielding Solutions have lubricating materials that are capable of sustaining extremely low (-100°C) or high temperatures (290°C). These compounds are supplied in a variety of packages from small tubes to drums. This ensures that our customers receive a product that seamlessly works in their manufacturing or maintenance equipment.

Silicone grease key properties

  • Temperatures from -100°C to 315°C
  • Extreme pressure and loads
  • Electrical connections in all environments
  • No harmful, flammable petrochemicals
  • Water washout resistance
  • Field use or assembly lines
  • User friendly, custom containers available
  • Thermally conductive

Silicone grease types currently available

SGC-S001 Low Temperature (-100°C)
SGC-S002 Performance Lubrication of heavy loads
SGC-S003 Performance Lubrication of medium loads
SGC-S004 Performance Lubrication of light loads
SGC-S005 High temperature performance lubrication (315°C)
SGC-S006 High contact surface lubrication
SGC-S007 General purpose lubrication of lighter loads
SGC-S008 Mil spec lubricant – MIL-S-8660C – Lighter bodied lubricant
SGC-S009 General purpose lubrication of medium loads
SGC-S010 Thermally conductive lubricant



  • Aircraft/Marine cable
  • Fans and Motors
  • Door and window mechanisms
  • Rollers, bearings, chain and gear drives
  • Plastics lubrication
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Food processing
  • Thermocouple contacts and heat sinks

Ordering information

Our silicone grease lubricating compounds are available in most common container sizes such as 310cc, 170cc, 55cc, 30cc, 10cc, 4cc, 3oz, 5.3oz, 14.1oz, 1lb, 8lb, 40lb and 400lb containers. Some of these are available with dispensing nozzles and hand applicator plungers if required.

Ordering these materials takes the following format:


Material Category Material filler Type Required Size
(SGC) (S001/S002/etc…) (5.3/14.1/etc…)


Thermally conductive lubricant in a 14.1oz tube syringe would be SGC-S010-14.1

Samples are available on request.

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