Conductive Metallized Fabrics and Foams are electrically plated fabrics and foams accordingly. These are both extremely flexible and durable with a good resistance to tearing. The material is uniformly plated throughout it’s cross-section providing consistent low resistivity. Furthermore this arrangement ensures that the material is particularly resistant to abrasion as ‘fresh’ plated fibres are continually exposed as the outer surface wears.

This material is available is available in various formats e.g. adhesive coated on one or both sides. It can also be supplied over plated with silver of gold for improved electrical performance or supplied in a conductive black finish. It is available by the sheet, on rolls or cut to shape according to requirement.

The main features of these products are

  • High electrical conductivity providing effective shielding
  • Low surface contact resistance
  • Mechanically durable – resistant to tearing, abrasion etc
  • Very good resistance to oxidation/ageing
  • Flame retardant UL94-V1 and V0 grades available

The main product applications are

  • Lining non-metallic enclosures or rooms
  • Fabricating inserts to isolate circuits within enclosures
  • Flexible EMI shields (e.g. curtain or bellow)
  • EMI Gaskets
  • Static or ESD charge control

We recommend Electromagnetic Testing Services Ltd to test EMI shielding products in your application.

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