Bondshield Conductive Silicone Adhesives lend themselves to a variety of RFI / EMI shielding and grounding applications. They essentially fall into two groups, conductive flexible adhesives and structural conductive adhesives.

Flexible silicone conductive adhesives

The range of flexible Bondshield Conductive Silicone Adhesives are based mainly on silicone elastomers and are particularly suitable for bonding materials that have differing coefficients of thermal expansion. A typical example of this type of requirement would be the bonding a glass or polycarbonate shielded window into an aluminium bezel or panel aperture. The conductive adhesive secures the window in place but accommodates any movement due to differential thermal expansion/contraction or flexing whilst maintaining a low impedance connection. Our flexible conductive adhesives are also very resistant to vibration, shock and extremes of temperature (thermal shock) whilst providing a high level of environmental sealing.

Key properties and benefits:

  1. Single component – ready to use
  2. Room temperature cure
  3. Neutral cure – does not evolve corrosive by-products on curing
  4. Safe for use with most common substrates – non tarnishing / discolouring
  5. Excellent resistance to ageing
  6. Wide service temperature range – remains flexible and conductive at extremes of temperature
  7. Stable – low bond (joint) resistance through temperature cycling
  8. Based on a range of conductive fillers to suit the electrical and environmental requirements of most applications

The main conductive filler types along with their key characteristics are shown below. Please note that this is only an approximate guide in this respect as an adhesive should ideally be matched to a particular application in terms of substrate(s) and service conditions.

  1. ECA-SS001 Silver – high electrical performance and temperature tolerance
  2. ECA-SCS001 Silver-plated copper – low bond resistance – Equivalent to CA 811
  3. ECA-SNS001 Silver-plated nickel – temperature stable
  4. ECA-SAS001 Silver-plated aluminium – galvanic compatibility with aluminium alloys
  5. ECA-NCS001 Nickel coated graphite – tolerant of surfaces with comparatively high contact resistance e.g. die-cast zinc alloys and ‘yellow’ or heavy chromate conversion finishes – Equivalent to BS100
  6. Carbon – semi-conductive, ideally suited to ESD control


  1. Vibration and/or shock resistant sealant/adhesive for electronic assemblies
  2. Electrical connection/bonding of materials with dissimilar thermal expansion coefficients
  3. EMI shielding with environmental sealing (IP68 possible)
  4. ESD control/grounding

Ordering information

Our Conductive and non-conductive pastes and compounds are available in most common container sizes such as 310cc, 170cc, 55cc, 30cc, 10cc and 4cc cartridges.

Ordering these materials takes the following format:


Material Category Material filler Type Required Size
ECA (SA001/SE002/etc…) (55/170/310/etc…)


Bondshield Silver plated Copper adhesive in a 55cc syringe would be ECA-SC001-55

Samples are available on request.

We recommend Electromagnetic Testing Services Ltd to test EMI shielding products in your application.

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