Shielding Solutions Limited supplies high-purity platinum cure and peroxide cure silicones that meet specific application requirements. We have over 30 years’ experience of formulating, manufacturing and supplying silicone compounds to meet the needs of clients in various industries, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical and defence.

Types of Military and Aerospace Silicones

Shielding Solutions supplies premium-grade and general-purpose silicones, flurosilicones that provide fuel and chemical resistance, and silicone rubber materials that are fully-tested to specifications such as A-A-59588A and MIL-DTL-25988C. Shielding Solutions also supplies AMS military compounds, flame-resistant silicones, gasket materials for high temperature and low temperature applications.

The following types of military and aerospace silicones can be supplied:

  • AA 59588 Silicones
    • Class 1A and 1B
    • Class 2A and 2B
  • Class 3A and 3B
  • AMS Silicones
  • MIL-DTL-25988 Fluorosilicones

Cure Systems for Military and Aerospace Silicones

Some of Shielding Solutions’ silicone elastomerics involve slight variations in pigment to match the colour of customer parts. Other silicone rubber materials require full development and testing to meet customer specifications. By working closely with our partners to understand their manufacturing processes Shielding Solutions can tailor both the catalyst and cure methods to maximize efficiency, yield and throughput.

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