Mica Sheet and Film

When high temperature resistance is required, Silicon resin bonded mica might be the solution for you. Mica also has exceptional physical characteristics.

Mica’s chemical composition places it in the aluminium silicates group. Two types are extracted:

  • Muscovite, in which there is a predominance of potassium.
  • Phlogopite in which the presence of magnesium can be detected.

Its natural properties mean:

  • Mica can withstand temperature in excess of 1000°C / 1830°F (Phlogopite), it is flame-retardant, non-flammable, does not give off fumes and conducts very little heat, especially perpendicular to its lamination.
  • Mica has a dielectric strength greater than 25 kV/mm, has good resistance to arcing and electrical erosion and is permeable to microwaves.
  • Mica is tolerant of water and most chemical agents, such as solvents, acids, bases and mineral oils.
  • Mica has good compressive strength. It behaves well in the presence of tensile and bending stresses and has a high modulus of elasticity.

Resin Bonded Mica is available in a number of grades and can be machined or stamped to suit your needs:

  • Mica Sheet from 0.1 to 100mm thick
  • Gasket Mica for high temperature applications e.g. Turbo charger gaskets
  • Commutator Mica, very accurate thicknesses mica sheets.
  • Slip plane mica, either reinforced with glass or not.

Typical Applications

  • High temperature Electrical Insulation
  • Heating equipment
  • Microwave wave guide covers
  • Induction Heating processes
  • Asbestos Replacement
  • Ceramic Replacement
  • Fire resistance board


All of our products are supplied with a Certificate of Conformance and can be supplied with a Certificate of Analysis, detailing chemical and magnetic characteristics upon request.

The simplest and quickest method to get your design is to send us your 2D or 3D model file which we can then convert and load into our systems.

More information about Mica can be found on Wikipedia.

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