Custom Ferrites and Cable Shielding for EMI Supression are high magnetic permeability ceramic components used for reducing RF emissions in cables and circuits. They function, at the point they are placed in the circuit, by effectively acting as a ‘lossy’ resistance (by virtue of significantly increased self inductance) for higher frequency noise whilst allowing lower frequency data signals to pass. Ferrites have the advantage that they absorb EMI magnetic flux converting it to thermal energy rather that reflecting it thus reducing the probability of the problem transferring elsewhere.

There are two main types of ferrite in this respect, either ferrites incorporating a conductor that can be inserted into circuit e.g. surface mount or ferrites designed to fit around a conductor or to be placed in close proximity to a circuit. The latter type are mainly toroidal or cylindrical in form and are very often supplied in a split form housed in a moulding that allows them to be easily fitted to a cable or loom at any point without the need for breaking down the circuit.

There are a very wide range of these components available in respect of their dimensions and performance.

Discrete ferrites

Ferrite clamps – cylindrical and toroidal (split ferrites for round and ribbon cables)
Solid ferrite cores – once again cylindrical, toroidal and tiles (chips)

Conductor based ferrites

Common mode chokes, multi turn components, USB 2.0 filters, etc

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